Legacy Advocacy


By providing venture philanthropy, we allocate management expertise and services for the betterment of a diverse range of stewardship stakeholders.


By leveraging collaboratively fulfilled action plans, we strengthen your brand as an individual creator, a nonprofit organization, or a socially invested business.

Generally Speaking... 


Our entrepreneurial+philanthropical social enterprise, the Institute for Venture Philanthropy, donates capacity building opportunities to the visual arts field in particular and the stewardship field in general. We leverage the ambitions of stakeholders that may include visual artists, patrons, managers, foundations, trusts, and other socially responsible enterprises who seek meaningful and measurable relationships with nonprofit organizations and institutions. "Scaling what works" achieves transformative results.

Okay, specifically speaking...


The presenters of important Contemporary Art and historically significant Decorative Art advance their missions by having innovative exhibitions underwritten and their audiences, membership, and patrons stoked. Artists and the passionate stewards of culture, natural resources, and well-being gain rewards respective of their collaborative roles.


Let us become your partner and achieve your dream...

  • Pooled financial investment and in-kind participation result in success. Nothing less should be expected when strategic partners creatively visualize and actualize their objectives. Individual and institutional legacies are solidified; audiences, and other beneficiaries become vested. Our Legacy Advocacy Program removes the bureaucracy associated with traditional funding agents, empowering both the supported and the supporters through facilitation that includes advisement, pioneering project development, expert implementation, and intuitive public relations.
  • High-impact advocacy makes patronage simple and direct. Our Culturevore Program pitches to the general public the ease of becoming a stewardship patron. An online directory provides exposure to the missions and causes that distinguish the keepers of culture, nature, and well-being while facilitating engagement in their unique-to-the-world resources and the acquisition of their one-of-a-kind merchandise.
  • Quality is expected, appreciated, and disseminated. Participation in our philanthropy is by invitation only. Invitees are judged eligible based on the conviction that excellent ideas, art, material objects, exhibitions, and worthy culture, nature, and humanity-based accomplishments should be experienced by the public through thoughtful and thought-provoking presentations. (This page contains over 300 articles, provided as an exclusive resource to nonprofits who make regular appeals to donors).